About us

“We are working for you to help you find gifts or gift ideas. Gifts - is our specialty, so we work until your concern is solved, from the idea to the final result - wrapped gift in your hands.”

We promise to you:

1. Carefully will hear you and After consultation with team, will offer to you the most suitable gift ideas or gifts
2. Create original and personalized greeting / letter for gift recipient.
3. Gift will be packed exclusively, interestingly, and with emotional message that your gift to give will surprice and do not leave anyone indifferent.
4. Return the money, if the gift or gift ideas are not suitable or not liked.
5. Arrange gifts delivery, when unable to do it yourself.

In this crazy world we want to be your helpers and contribute in development of joyful emotions. We are seeking the maximum results.

We set goals:

The personalized product ((one that will be adapted according to your wishes and desires).
To ensure the quality of services ("Lux" class service)
Supplying high quality products (we cooperate with only those creators who are not spare the time and effort for that their works would be us best us possible).
Guaranteed 100% originality (You will be submitted to the unit or little circulatory piece)

Your gift will surprise, delight, will not leave anyone indifferent!

Is It Suitable For You?

We have no doubt that there are still unanswered questions and doubts about our competence and capabilities. We are a new company in gift market, so why should you choose us?

We are trying more!

So, if you need us? If your answer is positive - contact us:

skambink: +370 630 21234

rašyk į el. paštą: zana@lempampuk.com

or facebook message: facebook.com/lempampuk

We will be happy to help you.