Baby shoes “Butterflies”



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Baby shoes that are comfortable, warm and dourable then these ones are made especially for you. They are made only from natural material and they are also laced which makes them even more dourable. Washed they dont loose their form and the decorations are strongly secured.

This present can be uniquely packaged. The additional cost for this packaging is €5. This said package contains: a greeting letter made specifically for the gifts recipient, an additional surprise (a sweet or a mini gift), silk paper (as the packaging paper), satin ribbon (used to decorate the package), a cardboard box.

The feets lenghts of these shoes are approximately 10cm.

How to take care of them: Before washing them you must first invert them. If you’re using a washing machine then put the mode to “Wool”, but if you’re washing them by hand then make sure that the water temperature is lower than 30°C.

If You did not find a gift that fit your needs then contact us, we have lots of ideas and we maght help you.




Greta Šakinskienė



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